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Whether you are looking to let go of your past or start a healing process, our Healing Retreat will help you to find balance and flow holistically in your life. A Healing Retreat may be the solution for energy blockages and held trauma that have resulted in dysfunctional relationships, actions, thoughts, emotions or physical health challenges. It is fundamental to understand the dynamics of your subtle energy body within your multidimensional being.

During your personalized private retreat, we will examine your personal history related to each issue – which developmental stage, with traumas and abuses that affect the healthy functioning of your energy field and thus your life. We will be looking to heal repetitive patterns that brought you to where you are now. Learning to let go and reset your life on your terms will be a fundamental aspect of the retreat.

Experience Holistic Healing at your personalized Private Healing Retreat at Oasis in Sedona, Sedona Infinity Spa and on our sacred land.



Whether you are on a spiritual quest to understand who are truly are or whether you are looking to explore a spiritual life purpose, our Spiritual Retreats will empower you by helping you align with your innate divinity and longings for this incarnation. Depending on your intentions for the retreat, we will empower you to cultivate honest self-expression as a co-creator in your life. Speaking your truth is an essential aspect of living a life of passion, fulfillment and authenticity. It is only through honest self-expression that you are empowered to become who you intend yourself to be in this lifetime. It is the gateway between our inner and outer worlds. Cultivating intuition and inner vision as well will empower you to become who you envision yourself to be. Without vision our actions are mere impulses, but with vision they become creative acts full of possibilities. We need intuition to embrace the mystery that opens us to the larger, cosmic world.

Most of us were raised with the belief system that spirit and matter are separate and distinct. Unfortunately, the separation of spirituality from the rest of life leaves us spiritually homeless. Through cultivating divine self-awareness by merging with divine consciousness and becoming self-aware of our true and divine nature we become empowered in our lives. Opening the crown chakra is about expanding our awareness so that it can embrace a larger portion of the universal field of consciousness. This can occur through meditation, spiritual practice, mystical experiences, altered states of consciousness, study and education, and the elusively simple but profound act of paying attention. 


It is here in Sacred Sedona that people finding healing and reconnect with Nature. The red rock majesty helps us find perspective, balance and renew ourselves. Nature invites us to be present. Nature accepts us unconditionally. While being in Nature, we can connect with ourselves effortlessly and feel good about who we are.

Nature is a Healer 

Nature is something to take your time with. It requires mindfully moving through the landscape in ways that cultivate presence, opening of all of your senses, and actively communicating with the land and with its energy. This gives Nature access to our physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual being. As we do this, we begin to perceive ourselves, our minds and our hearts, in a more profound way… in a more authentic way. Developing a meaningful relationship with Nature is a deeply relational practice, in which the relationship itself becomes a field of healing and a source of joyful well-being.




Any of our different types of retreats: Spiritual, Healing and Nature, can be tailored specifically for couples. In addition, for couples we work on aligning the self with the energy of unconditional love. We are certain that you will feel the personal touch. Our intention is to offer couples life-changing experiences.

Love is a state of being and your original state. In this state you have all the answers. Cultivating loving awareness and connecting with your heart-center will be the focus of this experiential couple’s retreat. Each Retreat integrates new-edge science and ancient wisdom. The focus will be on the practical application of this knowledge in your life together as a couple. We will use techniques such as meditation, breathwork, meditative practices, Chakracises, spiritual counseling, life coaching, energy healing, Reiki, Brennan Healing Science, crystal bowl sound therapy, Himalayan singing bowl sound healing, Labyrinths, rituals, ceremony, essential oils, plant medicine,  and extra sensory perception exercises to help you align with love to healing and empower your relationships.

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