Melina Fuhrmann & Gigi Rock

Gigi Rock
Gigi Rock

Co-Owner, Southwestern Medicine Woman, Spirit Mentor & Nature Guide

I am a Medicine woman, grandmother, great-grandmother, crone, sound therapy practitioner, and teacher of desert plant medicines. I facilitate healing through crystal bowl sound therapy, and through ‘hands-on’ teachings, I will help you explore your True Authentic Self, find and connect to your plant medicine, and learn how to work with it.

I’ve cultivated a deeply resonant path, intertwining the wisdom of generations and the transformative power of plant medicine. My journey weaves through the realms of sound therapy, herbalism, and cultural anthropology, presenting a rich tapestry of healing traditions. The global mentorship and collaboration with indigenous medicine practitioners highlight a commitment to preserving and sharing this profound knowledge.

My work embodies a holistic approach to healing, focusing not just on physical wellness but also nurturing the soul and mind. The emphasis on “hands-on” teaching and helping others connect with their True Authentic Self through plant medicine is particularly compelling. It suggests a personalized and profoundly spiritual journey towards wellness, guided by the ancient wisdom you’ve been entrusted with.

I share my story and philosophy with those seeking healing, transformation, and a deeper connection with the natural world.  My extensive knowledge and compassionate approach to teaching promise a journey that will be as enlightening as restorative.

Melina Fuhrmann
Melina Fuhrmann

Co-Owner, Energy-Consciousness Teacher, Spirit Mentor & Nature Guide

I am an energy-consciousness teacher, spiritual mentor, energy healer, and guide. I have facilitated healing as a holistic coach, spiritual counselor, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and Sound Therapy Practitioner with hundreds of clients and students from over 70 countries. People say that I embody the wisdom of an ancient mystic and the dedication of a grounded, highly-educated professional. Committed to raising the consciousness here on Earth, I am committed to enabling full spectrum, multi-dimensional transformations in all who connect with me.

Working with clients from all over the world, I am whole-heartedly dedicated to empowering each person to create more flow and balance in their life, to free themselves from limiting beliefs, and to align with their life purpose, enabling them to transform and heal in any way that is holding them back from their untapped potential.

Believing in a holistic approach to challenge all of our perceived limitations, creating a spiritual connection to the nature – plants and animals – around me has enriched my life and has been an integral part of my own personal spiritual journey. I would love to share this gift with you!



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