Goddess Journey

Finding Your True Authentic Feminine Power

Every woman’s divine female power can reach new heights of empowerment, self-love, and confidence. Your personal potential within can often lie dormant or misunderstood, leading to feelings of insecurity and imbalance. With the journey of self-healing, you can fully uncover your magical wisdom and achieve profound happiness. Walk through the maiden, mother, and crone – with our expert guidance, you can ignite the warrior, priestess, and queen inside of you.

Finding Your True Authentic Feminine Power

In this 4-day healing process, Gigi Rock and Melina Fuhrmann will guide you through a journey to completely change your relationship with personal strength, charisma, and your views of yourself as a woman in the world. Calming and beautiful accommodations are included giving you a safe and sacred place to fully immerse yourself in this journey. Reflective journaling and self-care practices will teach you to create your own sacred space to express yourself and become more aware. You’ll receive an anointing from the author and master medicinal aromatherapist, Cynthia Olivera, learn centering breath exercises, release and flow with gentle and trauma-conscious yoga with Dawn Walters, take daily hikes on Mother Earth with sound therapy and meditation, labyrinth meditations, and mystical meditations for calming your mind, heart, and soul, that will ground you in the present. By the end of this journey, you will find your True Authentic Feminine Power and the love and abundance you deserve. Surrender to being one with yourself!

Transform into Your Goddess-self

Within the four days, we will continue the journey with a Fantasy Photoshoot. This is a fun evening with a Goddess Tarot reading, VIP status, with a wardrobe fitting of over 100 beautiful costumes (you create your Goddess look), and racks of beautiful velvet and lace tops and jackets to fit all ages, shapes, and sizes. You will be treated to professional hair and make-up support to create the ultimate in Awakening the Goddess Within.

Your Goddess Journey Guides

January 10-14, 2024

Early Bird Price (register by October 23, 2023)

$2,094 (with lodging)

$2,000 (without lodging)

Register between October 24 – December 15, 2023

$2,294 (with lodging)

$2,220 (without lodging)

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