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Next Date:  January 25-28, 2024

Experience Holistic Healing at our Sacred Sedona Healing Retreat at the Oasis in Sedona, Sedona Infinity Spa and on the land in Sacred Sedona


Whether you are looking to let go of your past or start a healing process, our Sacred Sedona Healing Retreat will help you to find balance and flow holistically in your life. A Healing Retreat may be the solution for energy blockages and held trauma that have resulted in dysfunctional relationships, actions, thoughts, emotions or physical health challenges. It is fundamental to understand the dynamics of your subtle energy body within your multidimensional being.

During our group retreat, we will examine cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom. And, yet, the focus will be on the practical application of this knowledge in your life. We will use techniques such as meditation, breathwork, Chakracises, spiritual counseling & guidance, life coaching, energy healing, red light therapy, extra sensory perception exercises, real-world tasks, visualization techniques, sound therapy and bodywork to help you connect into the consciousness of different aspects of your energy field, whether for healing or empowerment or both. We will look at the importance of self-care from a holistic perspective and what that means for each energy center and your life as a whole. 

Take a moment and check in with yourself. How is your body feeling right in this moment? If you’re generally healthy, check in for subtle symptoms. Is your neck feeling tense? Does your lower back ache? Do you have a headache? Are you exhausted — again? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the stress in your life? Are you worried that you are feeling depressed too often? Are you having trouble sleeping? Is anxiety present in your life? Or perhaps you’re battling a more serious health diagnosis.

Whether you’re experiencing the nuisance of a minor physical symptom, the more concerning stress of a serious health condition, or simple curiosity about how you might improve your physical energy and immunity and increase your longevity, your body is built to heal itself. Your body is wonderfully equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that are under the influence of your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs and images. Curious? Join us to learn more.


Join our Team of Spirit Mentors in Sedona – for Individuals or Groups

$2,222 – Book Your Place Now

Prior to each group retreat, there is an Intake Form for each participant to fill in.

This retreat includes a 60-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with one of the spa’s massage therapists – a $160 value.

Sacred Sedona Healing Retreat Schedule

Our Sacred Sedona Healing Retreat will begin the evening of Thursday, January 25, 2024, at Oasis in Sedona where you will connect with your Spirit Mentors and guides, experience an opening ceremony, conscious breathwork, and a cacao ceremony or Sedona herbal tea ceremony. For each day, please be prepared for a full day with the group at Oasis in Sedona, Sedona Infinity Spa and once a day out on the land, bringing a picnic lunch, snacks, water, a hat, comfortable walking or hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunblock, layered clothing, a backpack and a blanket and/or cushion for sitting on the red rocks. 

Evening - Meet & Greet

  • Check-in at Oasis in Sedona
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Getting to know your Spirit Mentors & Guides
  • Conscious Breathwork & Self-healing Guided Meditation
  • Halo Therapy in the Salt Room
  • Cacao Ceremony or Sedona Tea Ceremony
  • Retreat Logistics Overview

Day 1 - Releasing

  • Morning Detox Juice
  • Grounding Experiential to release early childhood trauma and to rediscover an energized life force.
  • Pendulum Chakra & Aura Readings & Assessment according to Brennan Healing Science
  • Red Light Therapy for Cellular Regeneration
  • Land Journey with Reiki Healing & Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Healing
  • Releasing Ceremony
  • Chi-gong & Self-massage for Healing
  • Introspection & Journaling

Day 2 - Healing

  • Morning Detox Juice
  • Self-healing Vortex Journey on the land connecting with one of Sedona’s powerful “vortexes” & experiential on our inner vortices
  • Trauma Conscious Yoga
  • Energy Consciousness Training on Emotions & Thoughts
  • Halo Therapy in the Salt Room
  • Red Light Therapy for Cellular Regeneration
  • Massage with Essential Oils
  • Brennan Healing Science Energy Healing Session
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy
  • Introspection & Journaling

Day 3 - Expanding

  • Morning Detox Juice
  • Breathwork Healing Session
  • Individuation & Empowerment Session to initiate real transformation in your life
  • Healing Limiting Beliefs experiential session
  • Healing Waters Rebirth Challenge
  • Embracing & Integrating our Inner Healer
  • Integration & Closing Session
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